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About the Author. Lisa Akbari, "The Hair Doctor"

Hair guru Lisa Akbari, also known by her patients as “The Hair Doctor,” started in the beauty and hair care field over thirty years ago as a licensed Cosmetologist and Aesthetician, and is now a board certified Trichologist. Through her seminars, workshops, classes, and books, the “Hair Doctor” educates patients, dermatologists, and hairstylists on how to prevent aging hair. Akbari along with her husband, Hooshang Akbari, are the directors and lead Trichologists of Hair Nutrition and Research in Memphis Tennessee, which focuses on education, research, and analysis of hair and its connection to the scalp. Akbari has authored two books: The Journey from Kinky to Straight (and All Its Pitstops), and The Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair, which is the number-one selling hair care book on the market today. Akbari has developed and now manufactures a full line of hair treatment and maintenance products called the Hair Nutrition System. Akbari has been featured on a number of radio talk shows as well as in newspapers and magazines, including Jet and Grace. She directs the Trichology Program at Southwest Community college in Memphis, Tennessee.

About the Book. Every Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age

From the author of the #1 black hair care book, Every Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age will help you through your daily struggles and temptations in trying to make that perfect do. From colors to perms to flat irons, our hair is twisted, teased, abused, and manipulated on a daily basis. This book will teach you how to get and keep the look you want without any of the damaging effects that can age your hair strand.

Tips in this book apply to all types and styles of hair and include:

  • You don’t have to sit back and take it—how to proactively keep your hair beautiful at any age
  • How to take control of and care for graying hair
  • How permanent is a permanent?, and other chemical questions
  • Getting to the bottom of it to have a scalp half its age
  • How to Treat hair and scalp problems, and then how to prevent them from returning, while maintaining beautiful youthful hair

And much more...

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